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 Yep, thats right, a BRAND SPANKIN NEW project, but whats it for you ask, and why would I bother starting a new page just for it..........
 Well, this ones a biggy, almost as big as the FOT mod, but this ones in 3D!
Its for: Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind (PC)  So far I'm going to make:
 1 new dungeon (got canned see the newsletter)
 1 new mine (got canned see the newsletter)
 3 new houses (for the user)
 and a few new useful items
 Since most of the plugins for the game are pretty useless, and the items people make are either: under kill, over kill, or totally useless, I'm going to try and make some useful things for the game. The houses will be made for gamers with graphics cards that just meet the min system requirements (since most of the ones people make are rather over done) The houses won't be located in the same ol dumb spots that other people like to place em, and they'll be HUGE!  Don't worry about quality, I like to deliver top notch stuff, and this'll be no exception  :)
 Look forward to it!

 Currently: 100% complete