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System: Xbox
 Well, basicly like most would guess this continues from where Ryo last left off in Shenmue. Also like I guessed this game is basicly a port of the European Dreamcast version, they did however make a few improvements (all be-it mot enough) It'd be kind of hard to explain what those improvements are without pictures, but I'll take a shot at a few: enhanced reflection mapping (e.g. mirrors and tables) Shenmue: The movie (DVD bonus included, basicly its the story from the first, and it was rendered with the power of the DC) Higher AntiAliasing level. Still alot of the old DC code shows through like people appearing out of thin air, loading times, poly counts for people and objects, but on the plus side the game (so-far, since I haven't beaten it yet) is 4x the size of the 1st, and this time around there isn't any way to beat it in 2 hours. Sadly one thing I miss is they took the tape player out of the game, so no buying and listening to the music from the game at will, but they did include a very comical improvement. The ability to take snapshots like any good ol tourist, and you can also buy maps for the different ares, which does help in getting around the cities in Shenmue 2. QTE events are back and harder than ever, but alot of fun, as well as the ever cash and time consuming arcades/gambling/slots.
 Also it includes all the original collectables as well as some new ones like: (my fav) Virtual On, Eighteen Wheeler: American pro trucker, and several others. Now, down to the story. (you knew I'd get to it eventually) Ryo is still looking for revenge on Lan Di for killing his father, and you'll run into alot of potential friends and enemies. At the start of the game you'll get advice from a passenger you supposedly helped on the ship, and you run into a very redundant girl named Joy (no joke) Who rides a motorcycle and comes along to save your butt a little too often (for my taste) The story gets amusing once she finds you a job and a place to stay. Shes real nice for someone you've never met before, (and you'll find out why eventually) I'd tell more about the story, but it would give away too many secrets ;-)  So I'll just say these few things: Maps will save your butt more times than you'll care to remember, and people will not only give answers to Ryo, but will also (in most cases) guide him to a location for free!

Overall rating:
 Music:      5  (custom music selection needed)
 Graphics:  7  (needed better updates from DC ver)
 Sound:      6  (Ryo's shoes clack on dirt?)
 Gameplay: 8  (Its still a blast if your a Shemue fan)