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System: Xbox
 Well basically its everything in a gameshow gone wrong, violence, bad language, partial nudity, lude mature humor, and best of all BIG weapons. For the skinny of the game your basically a contestant and by finishing every one of the levels you'll earn yourself the "PRIZE" what that prize is depends on the character you play as. Each character has a different prize and story line, and if you are lucky enough to beat every level (spoiler alert) you get to play as the host "Van Tastic" (in single or multiplayer only) Some levels are done better than others, but they all have this bizzare cartoony feel to them, but thats offset by the extreme violence factor. The levels are interactive and some are downright massive. Its a riot to play, but the AI can be a bit odd, since at times it can be a little too challenging and other times its waaaaay too easy to beat.(ESRB:  Teen)

Overall rating:
 Music:      6.5  (custom music selection needed)
 Graphics:  9  (Graphics are great, very cartoony, need a bonus to see Lucy nude minus the censor bars)
 Sound:      8  (Very bizzare cartoonish style sound FX)
 Gameplay: 8  (Its amusing and quite comical)