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Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Vollyball (full)
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System: Xbox
 Yes folks, I really did play this game, and let me start by saying this, don't rent it if you don't like vollyball games. Its sooooo boring, the camera angles are worse than those in Blue Stinger (the few that played that know what I mean) and because of it you can lose a match. The graphics are ok, but at time you can see the antialiasing just up and leaves, also the ground textures look really lame in most locals. Theres alot of intricacy and female politics in the game, so if you stink and getting a girl, then this isn't the game for you. (Personally growing up without a dad meant I learned alot of that and thus I rock at the game, for secrets email me at: The controls suck and your partner can get rather lame at times. All in all I say only rent it if your really, really bored, its the only xbox rental left, or your so drunk that you can't figure anything better to do with your money. (ESRB: Teen)

Overall rating:
 Music:      10  (custom music selection available)
 Graphics:  8  (Nice attention to detail, lack of antialiasing evident at times)
 Sound:      8  (Everything has a sound effect even if it doesn't match)
 Gameplay: 7  (An ok game that needs work)