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Do you ever find windows isn't running right and is prone to crashing, or you just know that in a couple days your going to have to erase your HD and reinstall windows from square one? Well now you don't have to!

Well most people think that when things like that happen you have to erase your HD and install windows all over again, but I'll tell you this. As long as you can get to your desktop (not in safe mode) you can install windows (only tried this with 98, ME) Seriously you can. Windows has the ability to install over itself, and as long as you don't have windows set to erase things that are saved in the Temp directory most programs can reinstall themselves when windows finishes reinstalling itself. Ok, now the details. When you reinstall windows from the desktop you only need the CD and the serial number, just follow the on screen prompts and when you get the option for saving the old OS to the HD (it needs something like 120mb) select yes. While windows is reinstalling itself it will also be reinstalling any programs that saved any data to the Temp directory on the main HD. The other useful thing to doing this is you don't loose the cookies from your internet browser. After its done reinstalling itself you'll notice that any programs that were on that HD and any other info are all still there, you may have lost 2 or 3 windows updates, but other than that you got to keep all your old info. Cool huh!