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HotWheels Velocity X (Full)
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Game Title: HotWheels Velocity X (Full)
System: PC

System requirements:

Single Player min requirements
64 Ram
Pentium 2 350 Mhz (or higher)
Direct X 8.1 compatible w/ 16mb-128mb video card (AGP)(or higher)
8x CD-rom
Windows 98-ME-XP
550 MB free disk space
16-bit sound card

Game description and comments: 

Yes you read right, this game is on PC, it runs pretty well, but its very picky about your graphics cards setting (If you have problems running it drop me an email: It shares alot in common with previous HotWheels games where you race and do stunts. There are weapons, powerups and 30 cars, but you'll have to earn almost all of them, and that can be a time consuming pain in the butt. (Trust me!) Overall the race challenges are kinda easy if you've played any other racing games before. The graphics look nice, but you won't have much time to enjoy them.Sometimes the tracks can get confusing if your used to race tracks with only one course, and no shortcuts. All in all its a pretty ok game. (it's ESRB rated Everyone)

Ratings (scale of 1-10):

Graphics: 9.5
Sound effects and music: 9
Originality: 9
Challenge: 7
Overall: 9