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System: Xbox
 I enjoyed this game, but I was saddened when I played the Full version of the game and one of the features demo'ed in the demo was missing. Granted the game would have been even more fun, but I lived without it. As you might expect the game is an Uber Realistic racing game, and it does live up to that billing. Its has the nicest looking graphics of any racing game I've played to date. The AI is good, but has one flaw, during your career mode one racer will copy everything you do during the first lap of a race, and then improve on it slightly (if nessesary) in order to beat you. I hated that feature. The cars look nice, handle great, but don't expect alot of customizable options. The cars aren't like most games where you buy new parts or can tweek every part, Every car has its own series of race events, and after you finish say Amature your car would get a total upgrade to the next level. Each car only has 3 upgrade levels. All in all I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes racing games.

Overall rating:
 Music:      9  (custom music selection rocks)
 Graphics:  9.5 (top notch graphics, but occasional minor errors)
 Sound:      9  (All the SFX you'd expect in a racing game)
 Gameplay: 9  (Its a solid racing game)