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O-R-B: Off-World Resource Base (Full)
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Game Title: O-R-B: Off-world resource base (Full)
System: PC

System requirements:

Single Player min requirements
128 Ram
Pentium 3 or Athlon   600 Mhz (or higher)
Direct X 8.1 compatible w/ 16mb-128mb video card (AGP)(or higher)
8x CD-rom
Windows 95-98-ME-XP-2000
500 MB free disk space
Direct X compatible sound card

Game description and comments: 

This is basically a base building military strategy game set in space, good idea, and its pretty well done.  Basically if you've played and Command and Conquer game then you'll know what your in for. The graphics are detailed, but rather look a bit older that it is. The areas you'll play in are very well done, and the training missions are both comical and invertive. There are losts of ships/bases/ and units. You can build mines, and bases on astroids which can get amusing. It does however get kinda slow at times, but when that happens you can expect it to speed back up and mash you into the ground if your not prepaired. I'd say more about it, but I still haven't beaten it yet. There are some fun mods, bonus missions, and bizzare content to download from its official site. (it's ESRB rated Everyone)

Ratings (scale of 1-10):

Graphics: 8
Sound effects and music: 8
Originality: 7
Challenge: 8
Overall: 8