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System: Xbox
 Well, its hard to say something about this phenominal game that already hasn't been said!  I can say this, I wish Tecmo would deliver on the promise of new lvls for it, and some better new costumes. I got my hands on the bonus pack and I (and my best friend) can say we were kinda dissapointed to learn that there weren't alot of extras. I would however like to have the lvls from DoA 2 make an appearence in a future bonus pack, since they were just as amusing and pretty much just as detail packed as DoA 3. I would also like it if they'd return "Zack's"  metal "tele tubby/alien" costume. Its really got alot of extras and the computer player really does seem to learn from your fights against it, so expect a challenge. The levels are great and have an awesome amount of detail as well as the charaters costumes and animations. Its definatly a must buy for lovers of fighting games.  (ESRB: Teen)

Overall rating:
 Music:      8  (custom music selection needed)
 Graphics:  10  (Nice attention to detail, no matter how small)
 Sound:      10  (Everything has a sound effect)
 Gameplay: 9.5  (A great game and very deserving of the DoA title)