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System: Gamecube
 Well, this was my first time playing a Smash Bros game, and I have to say this was pretty amusing. Being able to play as different Nintendo characters was pretty fun and quite the riot sometimes. The stages looked real neat, but some could be a real pain becaused they moved and you could die just like that. Also some characters have an advantage over others, but once an item falls into the arena that can change. There are plenty of extras, and earning them can take quite some time, but in most cases its worth it. Two player mode is a real treat and can result in some interesting matches, there aren't alot of modes though, but that was more than compensated for with being able to change every rule in the game. All in all this is a better party game than it is a single player game.   (ESRB: ?)

Overall rating:
 Music:      9  
 Graphics:  9  (Nice attention to detail, no matter how small)
 Sound:      8  (Most everything has a sound effect)
 Gameplay: 9.5  (A great game)