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System: Xbox
 Ok, so your probably wondering whu I'm just now doing a review of a game that was out about the time the Xbox launched. Well thats simple I sorta got to buy it, see a friend wanted to buy it so I bought it for him, and he's gonna pay me back, but I get to play it till then blah, blah, blah. You know the story ;-)  Well anyways I was hoping for something that kicked the crud out of Test Drive 6, needless to say it does and doesn't. In alot of respects it is like the Test Drive series, but at the same time you can really tell its trying its hardest to emulate the Need for Speed series. Anyways onto the review, the graphics are pretty good considering the age of the game, the opponents are challenging if not a little overly obvious when the cheat*  (see note at bottom of page) The cars look real nice and are modeled well, but have nothing that even resembles damage no matter how hard they hit something. The story line is a bit overly used since I've played alot of driving/racing games in my time I should know. It supports 1-2 players on the same system, has widescreen option, and oddly it can play custom sound tracks even though the box says otherwise. It supports dolby surround although I'm stuck playing everything in mono my TV is so old.  :-(   Least it has good rez and color otherwise I might hate the mono sound  ;-)  The cars handle pretty well, and the courses are a tad tight at times, and if any of you read the Dreamcast Magazines review of the game "Speed Devils" you might find this game borrowed parts of that game too. See in the review they whinned that some of the tracks were too long and confusing, well thing is Test Drive raises the bar alot, most of the time you don't see the corner arrows until about 50-60 feet before you run into them (dang popup) so that makes races rather difficult, but if you learn quick, no worries. If your a fan of the series, get the game, you owe it to yourself, if not go buy "Apex" or wait till "Project Gothem 2" or even "Need for Speed: Underground"  (ESRB:  Teen)

Overall rating:
 Music:      8  (Custom Music an option, but only plays the same song during races)
 Graphics:  8  (Graphics are good, but defiantly an Xbox launch title)
 Sound:      7  (Good sounds, but sometimes lacking)
 Gameplay: 8  (Its amusing but seems like a Need for Speed rip off)

 Well if you want to read the note your almost there, its at the bottom of the page but first I wanted to mention a rather cool paint job I accidently created in the game.
 Metalic Paint:
 Wheel Color:
 Wheel shininess:
 Enjoy!  :-)
Well now to explain what I meant by cheating, in Test Drive, Test Drive 5 and Test Drive 6 the opponents would sacrifice themselves in order to keep you from comming in first. What do I mean by that, well for example say your in 1st place and you have two opponents behind you, one passes you up and crashes into a car causing an accident you can't possibly avoid. Thats what I mean, rather obvious sounding huh, wait till you see it for yourself. Also if you get run off the course they will sacrifice themselves in order to push you further out of the track. Go fig, wonder how the developers thought that was fair  }:-(