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System: Xbox
 Well, I need to say this right off the bat.  Crimson Sea is not to be mistaken for: : Crimson Skies! They are not the same. Thank you. 
 Ok, this game is alot like a Final Fantasy game (the newer ones) in the way it looks (but more like it belongs on the Xbox :) ) but it plays like PSO (truely) It has missions like in PSO, but they tend to vary from protecing someone from point A to point B, timed missions (my fav, sense the sarcasm :P), search and destroy, and boss only missions. Its quite varried, and the game looks beyond awesome. The only game I can compair it too (that I've played so-far) is: Phantom Crash. They both look awesome, play pretty good, have rare occasions of slowdown, and the both sadly suffer from a waaaaay too stiff camera. That aside this game is pretty interesting especially since I'd never heard of it before, and it was oddly very hard to find a copy for sale. The whole "Liquid Alien" aspect of the game is cool, but it seems to only happen for certain Aliens, and it reminded me of the real time morphing abilities of "Metaballs" for those of you who know what I'm talking about. If not, think of learning: 3Ds max, Truespace, Cinema 4D, or Maya (to name a few.) When you do see that effect its quite something too see, but at the same time you can't stop to awe at it since the aliens are out for your blood. Its only 1 player period, the save games are 5 blocks, and you can have up to 10 of them. Oooh, and it does Dolby 5.1 ;)  The gameplay is rather unique in my opinion since out of the hundreds of games I've played, this is quite new to me. It does have a tutorial (2 in fact) that will teach you how to play the game, which is in my opinion very handy. It could have been more generous with the cash, but <sighs> ah well, you get what you get. Oh, and the best part is.................
 You really will see hundreds of aliens converging on you at once in quite a few levels, and its something you have to see for yourself, and oddly out of all the times I've encountered it, theres never been any slowdown during those moments (go fig) Oh, as for the story, its the usual sci-fi rpg (mostly) you know the drill, kill the aliens before they kill you, find this and that to get stronger, and try not to die. Simple really. I really recommend this game if you liked PSO, but be warned, like PSO this game is kinda short (22 hours max) and its rated (Teen) 

Overall rating:
 Music:      9  (Oddly the music isn't noticable, thankfully!)
 Graphics:  9.5 (Some slowdown, but a rarety)
 Sound:      8  (All the SFX you'd expect.)
 Gameplay: 9  (Easy beginning, hard toward the end.)
 Overall:     9