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Need For Speed Underground (Demo)
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Game Title: Need for Speed Underground (Demo)
System: PC

System requirements:

Single Player min requirements
128 Ram
Pentium 3 700 Mhz (or higher)
Direct X 9 compatible w/ 32mb or higher video card (AGP)(or higher)
8x CD-rom
Windows 98-98SE-ME-2000 Pro-XP Pro-XP Home
450 MB free disk space
Direct X Compatible sound card
ATI Radeon 7500 or greater
Intel i865
Matrox Parhelia
NVidia geForce2 or greater
SiS Xabre 400

Game description and comments: 

 Hmm, what to say. Well several things come to mind: It looks awesome, it plays pretty good, the cars look great, the music is so-so. Enough of that, its a racing game plain and simple, you can customize your car with your earnings, and race across several tracks, though in the demo there was just one, it really reminds me of "Midnight Club Racing 2" but with better graphics and less modes of play. Ah well you can't have everything. As for whats it like, well if you've played one Need for Speed game, you've played this one. In my opinion all the NFS games are alike in game play, its just the graphics and gameplay and cars that're different. I highly recommend this game, its quite fun, but also kinda short. Sadly thats all I can say after playing the demo. (it's ESRB rated ?)

Ratings (scale of 1-10):

Graphics: 9.5
Sound effects and music: 9
Originality: 7
Challenge: 8
Overall: 9

Neon China town

Crashes are fun

Pretty city