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System: Gamecube
 Super Mario Party 5, well that sounds like it could get boring, well thats what I thought, then I played the game. Its not as easy as I thought, fact is some games are just down right hard, and thats with the CPU set at normal. It plays alot like a board game in alot of respects, but with alot more to do. There are more modes and alot more things to do than in "Mario Party 4." I did enjoy this game alot. I highly recommend multiplayer mode, and pick a friend with really good reflexes and get yourself something to drink a comfy chair to sit in (cause most games are long!) and prepair for the strangest games you'll see this side of the anything. The details on the characters can be neat, but on some its kinda iffy, like when you play as "Peach" (she used to be named "Princess Toadstool" for those of us who remember that!) After earning everything you're going to have alot more to do as this game can keep you there for hours and hours just trying to see and do everything. The graphics look nice, but lack in some areas, and the textures can be just as iffy, sometimes they're nice and crisp, and other times they can be low quality. Its not enough to keep the game from being fun, so go rent it and have a ball, and remember to keep some bandages handy to patch up those burst blisters, since some mini games require alot of button pushing as fast as you can. (ESRB: Everyone)

Overall rating:
 Music:     8 
 Graphics:  9  (Nice attention to detail, no matter how small)
 Sound:     9  (Some things had "wrong" sounds)
 Gameplay:  8  (The cpu players are a tad unbalanced)