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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

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System: Xbox 360
 I was very happy to hear that the Command and Conquer series was getting back to the "roots" that I fell in love with waaaaay back when. I was very happy to see that it made the transition to 3D very well (I know that C&C: Generals is 3D, but its not that much fun) I didn't however like the control scheme on the Xbox 360 controller very much. This game is more suited to a mouse and keyboard, they did however try to fix that by the addition of a feature called "magnetic cursor" but it has a problem. When the action on screen gets too intense the cursor won't always stick to objects that are fairly small (e.g. turrets and some platoons) and when that happens you can kiss your base goodbye because the computer will kick your butt. Also, one thing I didn't like was that both GDI and NOD have the same kind of mission, and its where you are suppossed to defend your base from the opposing force, but the thing is this. If you play in skirmish mode as NOD and build a laser turret (which has 3 turrets) one of the turrets can kill a GDI APC with 3-4 hits, but in this one mission (single player mode) several turrets were firing on a single GDI APC and it wouldn't blow up. After about 10 hits it was still there and it and about 12 others destroyed my base because the defenses that were supposed to be effective...... weren't. Actually I can say its a grave balance issue and/or the computer was cheating, but it wasn't fun and I know that GDI doesn't have any kind of anything that makes them invincible for any amount of time. If you plan on playing this in Single player Skirmishes or in Multiplayer online this is a great game, but forget single player story mode. Its just not worth the headache. Rent for a weekend but not worth the purchase price until its about $20.
      Heck, scratch that.....
   Get the PC version and kick some serious butt.  ;-)

Overall rating: 7.5
 Music:      7  (not a fan of their "music")
 Graphics:  9 (Very well done graphics)
 Sound:      9  (All the SFX you'd expect and then some)
 Gameplay: 8  (The controls take some getting used to)
 Difficulty:  10  (It starts out pretty easy, but then gets suddenly very hard without warning)