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Welcome to "Editors Edge"!

 (New News)
  Ok, as you may have noticed I changed the look of the website. I figured it was due for a change. :-)  I've also added a new banner for joining us in a FREE MMORPG called "Fallen Sword" I'm also including a few new game reviews and some other stuff, look around. Have fun enjoy yourself.
   Also, visit: and click the link about the newsletter and read what I posted there. I'd take to long to retype it here. 56k ain't no fun man!
   Ok, I've recently upgraded my pc, and I've decided that any new games I review with my pc will have my specs on that page reflect those changes. As for older game reviews they will keep the old specs so you know what I tested those games and demos with. Since I last updated this news I've played about 20 PC games and demos and I've screen shots of them all, and I'll add them in as I have time. I've also played about 10 different Xbox 360 games and I'm hoping I can get all those reviews in as well. Also, theres a typo with my older system specs, if you see it say that I'm running my graphics card at a 4x AGP, thats incorrect. Its supposed to say its running at 8x AGP.
 (Old News)
  I've added some new reviews to the PC game reviews page, and updated my PC's Specs page. I'm adding a new Xbox 360 reviews page, and removing the Dreamcast reviews page since no one cared. Good luck and Happy gaming. :)
 Since I put up the site support page all those many many months ago, no one has ever clicked through on any of the links, let alone bought anything, so this sites current format can't change or get better. 

I love gaming, but mostly I love making custom levels/items/characters, and whatnot else I can make using the tools I can find for "modding" a game! So I created this site to share my passion. Here you'll find reviews of game editors, games, and news about upcoming games: just about everything game-related that you can think of. Also, please visit our newest sponsors <right above the guest book> and sign up for a free account (on Bravenet) or just click-through (on 3D Cafe) which will help me keep Editors Edge alive!

Currently in production are several projects.

1: New Senarios for Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 <and Yuri's Revenge>

2: New senarios/ride designs for Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
3: Finishing some old levels for 4x4 Evolution 1 and 2

I hope you like this site and find some good information on it. Don't forget to sign my guestbook below and let me know what you think. Or you can send me a e-mail with comments and suggestions.


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