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Delayed until further notice by request of the author.  Sorry folks, thems the breaks.


It had been a long day, but Tome Tokra and Celera had finished their mission. Lord Freeza had sent these two, the sayian elite, to conquer the planet Sierra. A planet ran by giant reptilian creatures.

Tome Tokra was at the top of Freeza's List. The strongest Sayian alive, he was sent along with his female partner on the toughest missions. Tome Tokra was no ordinary Sayian. He was the only one of his race to be born with white hair. Legend has it, that when an upper class Sayian warrior is born with white hair that the world is soon to change drastically. Everyone characteristically thought it was the partnership between King Vegeta and Lord Freeza, but everyone knew it was no partnership, more of a capture of the entire planet.

The Sayian warriors were sent to many planets to conquer them, in the name of Lord Freeza. Before being sent, calculations are made to target the time of year on each planet.
When a Sayian sees a full moon, they are transformed into the mighty Oozaru. Oozaru is a giant ape like monster that holds great power and shoots fire from its gaping maw
Legend also says there is a power greater then the Oozaru, but that was unlikely, considering their strength.

When transformed into an Oozaru, Tome Tokra is covered in white fur, unlike everyone else's typical black fur, to match their hair. He knew he was special, not as cold as the rest of his people. Even Celera was a bit heartless at times, but he didn't know what he would do without her. The two had been together since they were children, always training together, and getting into trouble. They were best friends.

Celera was raised like most young Sayian children. She would awaken early every morning and train till dusk. Strength was very important to her family, not to mention their entire race. They were to be the leaders of the universe, under Freeza, of course.

The two had been returning home for some five months now in their pods, and it was going to be a hero's welcome. It always was. This time unfortunately, something inside the both of them was telling them differently.

They had arrived at their destination, the planet Vegeta. It hadn't changed a bit.
Something was still wrong. Freeza's starship was in orbit around the planet with what appeared to be hundreds of thousands of his men suspended around the ship.
As they approached the planet, a large red ball of energy shot from the ship, ripped through the men, and crashed into the planet. The flash was so powerful, it destroyed the planet, and tossed their pods back out into space.
Tome Tokra tried his hardest to reach Celera on her COM link, but there was no answer. He began to panic, and blacked out because of the stress of the explosion. They were lucky to survive, but at what cost? Why had Freeza done such a thing?

In Tome Tokra's dreams he saw a great battle. Five Sayian warriors had been slaughtered by their trusted colleagues. They had been fooled into trusting Freeza , and when their usefulness ran out he destroyed their home. He was indeed a monster, and nothing could stop him, not even the legendary super Sayian.

Hours later, Tome Tokra was awoken by the sound of Celera's frantic voice. She had found a life force floating in the debris. It was impossible for anything to survive that.

They both put on their space suits, and went out looking. Off in the distance, they saw a bright flash. Someone was out there, and they were alive.
They got closer to the light and saw it was a man, a Sayian like themselves. An unknown warrior who gave all he could to stop the carnage.

Tome Tokra knew who this was. Deep inside he felt the man's power. He was much stronger then a normal Sayian, but only for a short time. It didn't make sense.
Looking deeper into his dream he saw that this man took on Freeza alone. Either a fool, or more proud then King Vegeta himself.

Celera took a small breathing device out of her pack and hooked it around his face. They returned to their pods and strapped him into Tome Tokra's. Next thing they had to do was quite clear. They had to find a place to land, find supplies, and find out what happened, before they run out of air and fuel.

The nearest planet wasn't far, but the Sayians weren't very welcome anywhere. Destroyer of planets, and conquerors of the weak are but a few things they have been known for. This wouldn't be an easy journey, and their ships were only stocker for two. With luck, they would receive help from someone, or they out surely die.

And who was the nameless Sayian? Guess you're gonna have to read more next month.


Dragonball VT Ish #1


All Characters, Names, and Places are copy righted by Funimation.
None of the things written are to be taken seriously, and I would like to thank then for the use of their copy righted materials.