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 Well, due to the overwhelming LACK of orders this feature will be closed down at the beginning of 2003. It was originally intended as a way to help support the site as the funds generated by purchases would have been used to give this site a shorter url, more file space, and the ability to share files again. The only reason its not getting removed sooner is due to the fact someone, just maybe will order something. When that happens, a counter will be added showing the current target for funds needed, and how much has been received.

Ok, your choices are as follows:
A regular CD with tracks I've made for 4x4 Evo, and 4x4 Evo 2:  $3.00 (includes shipping and handling)
A mini CD with tracks I've made for 4x4 Evo, and 4x4 Evo 2:   $5.00  (includes shipping and handling)
A mini CD with your choice of content:  $6.00  (includes shipping and handling)
A regular CD with your choice of content:  $4.00  (include shipping and handling)

For orders, questions about orders, supported payment methods, and shipping options, email to:

Click Here For Ordering, etc.......

Ok, want to know why these have a price, and they're not free like everything else on this site? Well, the answer is simple. No one goes to the "Site Support, Link Inc......." page to click-through on a banner ad, so I can't afford to send them out FREE. So for now the price is to cover the shipping and handling, and CD-R cost. To cure this problem in the Future just click-through on the links atleast once a month (more than one banner ad at a shot is most helpful)   Some of them require you to buy something, I'll put those in a special section there. Your email addy, mailing addy, and any other info will NOT be sold, given away, or distributed in any way. That info is strictly for mailing purposes ONLY! Well, now that I've answered your questions, decide away!

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