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Recent News:

The Monthly Newsletter

 Ok, the special "surprise" that I'm working on for this site is comming along nicely and should be done soon. Trust me, when its done, you'll know.  ;)

Heheh, I've been tinkering again. The newly added stuff is located on the following pages: Holiday Maddness, and V.T. Members Personal Talents!

There is more news on the "Newsletter" page.
Well I finally got the "New Forum", and "New Chatroom" back up and running, as well as moving some pages out of the Nav bar, and turned them into sub pages.
Evo 2  pics #1, #2, #3 and Beat this. Were moved to: Game pics
News, The monthly newsletter, good and bad news, letters from the editor, and letters to the editor are now on: News, Newsletter, Letters from Editor, etc....
Fun free stuff, Misc Fun Stuff, and Downloads, moved to: Fun free stuff, Downloads, etc......


The pages: "Fun Free Stuff", and the "Downloads" pages have gotten some new content if you want to take a look, as well as the Holiday Madness page got a brand spankin NEW pic just for this Holiday, courtesy of me! :) Njoy! and Happy Holidays!

Well, they got the vtteam email box fixed and all the messages are back! So feel free to send stuff there again!

Well, this month has been pretty messed up. First: I learned that SegaNet isn't gonna exsist anymore, but I haven't been transfered to EarthLink yet!???! Second: Our sponsor "" isn't going to have an affiliate program anymore! (thats why they're ads aren't on the pages anymore) Third: "Tripod" (our good web hosts) are having some probs, so I haven't been able to update this site very often. Fourth: (and final!) Alot of the people I know here AZ have been planning things at the last min, and screwing up my days (and weeks) so if you didn't see me online you now know why. Some of the dayz I was simply asleep because of exaustion. One day they kept me up for an entire day without sleep (you can bet that didn't make me happy) but, I had fun :) ! Oh! That reminds me, the reason there wasn't a NewsLetter this month, is because of the reasons above.

By the way, take a look. This site, and the "V.T. Pics Archive" finally sprouted alot of new pages (mostly to make up for the absence) :)


Well I just learned that on August 3rd SegaNet will no longer exsist. All those that have SegaNet accounts will now <eg: my email for SegaNet is, will now be> have EarthLink as their ISP. So, please don't send anything to my SegaNet account.

The bad newz is that the "V.T. RPG" has been put on hold for reasons beyond my control. The production of this 2D RPG will continue in the future. You can count on it!

Well, by now your prolly wondering where about 4 of the pages went, and why it sprouted a new one. Well the answer is simple, but it wouldn't be any fun if I told you. So goto the "Where Did All The Pictures Go?!?!?!" page and click on the link that says "Where the pics went" Then you'll find out for yourself. Have fun!

Well as some of you may have already noticed, the site under went some major changes. Aside from the NEW pics, and NEW page locations, there will be more to come in the following weeks. Just hang in there, check the other pages, and thanks for visiting.

Old Newz From 5-18-2001

Good newz members! I'm back from that "work period" and I successfully finished the work on "The Special Edition River Styxx 2" and it has been emailed to everyone who originally got "TheRiverStyxx" so I hope you all enjoy it, and let me know what u think of it, or if u have any question, please feel free to send them to:

OH! I'm also still accepting requests for the track listed above. So ask and ye shall receive!

Old News From 3-8-2001

Well have I got news for you! It seems that V.T. is being impersonated in Unreal Tournament. Well to clear a few things up: One, there have never been or are any V.T. members in U.T. Second, to solve that problem of copy cats that would take money I don't have. Three, to get that money members or others that visit this site would have to go to our "sponser" and buy something every month! Four, if you have the funds available but don't want to buy anything from the links you can download the file below to find out how. By the way, to get the exposure we need, it costs about $10 a month for ads for our site, and another $10 to shorten the url to: Unfortunatly I don't have the money to fund that either so to learn how download the file below. Good luck to all our members in their respective games, and untill the next breaking story, Njoy the site!

V.T. site Sponsorship

Old News:

Well the 28th of Febuary marked a very special day for V.T., we finally got our web site! With all of the current members but 1 attending the opening of the site, I am proud to announce, "They like it, they really like it!" Now if I can only get them to come back here more often to check for updates they should like it even more.

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