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The Good and Bad Newz

Well this page is dedicated to exactly what its name implies. "The Good and Bad Newz" hey, everybody has to take the good with the bad, and this page will tell you what kind of good and bad is happening in V.T.

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The Monthly Newsletter

Theres some news posted on the Newsletter page. Have a look.

Very bad news. 12-9-2001

Well folks, this just qualifies as really bad news. On December 7, 2001 something went wrong down at the server for the email account I started for the site originally. Every email was lost, all the folders except the "INBOX" folder, and its totally empty. I'm currently trying to have them figure out what exactly happened. So if you sent anything between then and now, please send it again to: That account is still working properly. Until they fix that problem and I'm notified, Please don't send anything there! Thank you again, Happy holidays, and sorry for the inconvenience. :)

The Mixed Newz:

Well I just learned that on August 3rd SegaNet will no longer exsist. All those that have SegaNet accounts will now <eg: my email for SegaNet is, will now be> have EarthLink as their ISP. So, please don't send anything to my SegaNet account.

The Bad Newz:

The bad newz is that the "V.T. RPG" has been put on hold for reasons beyond my control. The production of this 2D RPG will continue in the future. You can count on it!

The Good Newz:

Well members, I got my keyboard and rebate check from Sega.Net finally. I also get to keep my isp till the 1 year is up. Just thought you'd like to know.

Updated On: 12-17-2001