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Ever been in an online game and wondered exactly who might be a V.T. member, even if they dont have the V.T. before their name. Well to answer this question first. No, V.T. members dont have to put the V.T. before or after their names if they dont want (thats one of the perks most members love the most) but if they do, hey thats their choice! Also: members can have more than one name, and some members have chosen to have their real names left off this site.

V.T. Member's Personal Profiles

V.T. Members Personal Talents

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Current Members:

V.T. President and Founder:


"V.T. Phantos" in 4x4 Evo (own)
"Phantos 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0" in Phantasy Star Online (own)
and One Mystery Player in Phantasy Star Online (own)
"V.T. Phantos" in Deus Ex multiplayer (own)
"The Blue Goon" in Quake 3 (rent)
"Capt'n Happy" in Quake 3 (rent)
"Phantos" in Quake 3 (rent)
"Phantos" in Black and White (own)
"Phantos_the_1st" in Speed Devils Online (own)
"V.T._Phantos" in Unreal Tournament (own)
"VTPhantos" in Dune 2000 (own)
"V.T. Phantos" in Tachyon the fringe (own)
"V.T. Phantos" in Descent Freespace the great war (own)
"VT Mon" in Alien Front Online (own)
"(V.T.) Phantos" in 4x4 Evolution 2 (own)
"VT Phantos" in Fallout Tactics: The Brotherhood of Steel (own)
"VT Phantos" in Arcanum (own) 
"VT Phantos" in Unreal Tournament 2003 (own) 
"VT Phantos" in Unreal Tournament 2004 (own) 
"VTPhantos"  in Fallen Sword (own) 

Second In Command:


"Death Cythe" in 4x4 Evo
"DeathCythe" in Phantasy Star Online
"Death01" in Starlancer
"Bio X" in Alien Front Online

Full Members:

"RacerX" in 4x4 Evo
"Epyon" in Quake 3
"Epyon" in Starlancer
"GeneStarWind" in Phantasy Star Online
"RacerX" in POD speedzone

"Nightmare" in 4x4 Evo

"Zero" in 4x4 Evo
"V.T. Zero" in 4x4 Evo
"Zerosystem" in Quake 3 Arena

The character formally know as "Trunks" in Phantasy Star Online
"Lord Krimany" in 4x4 Evo
"Primastar" in Diablo

"Skud" in Phantasy Star Online

New Recruits:


Members in Evaluation:


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Members MIA *


"V.T. Raytracer" as the only member without an ISP

"Demonwolves" on Xbox live

"Bishop" in Phantasy Star Online
"V.T. Bishop" in 4x4 Evo
"V.T. Bishop" in Unreal Tournament

"BennyDog" in 4x4 Evo

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 * See the F.A.Q. page for details!