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 Below is our "Code of Ethics" keep in mind that not all online game classifications rules are present yet.

 We basically have a special online "Code of Ethics" that we as members of "Vigilante Team" follow.
 When playing online First Person Shooters if we run into people who are just standing there chatting, we will give those people about 1 minute to chat, after that they are deemed non-players and will be marked as fair targets for the remainder of the game. We will not single out those players for kills just because they are non-players. *We will not single out any player due to a handicap (e.g. Lag, a lousy pc or general lack of skill)
 In Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games we will not kill other characters to take their stuff. We will generally help other players if asked, and we will ask for help from other players. If you befriend a VT member he/she may give you strong items in the game, provided he/she has any.
 In Sim/Stradegy games the above and below rules apply, but given the inconstant nature of these games I can only state general rules.
 In General we do not try to make anyone made, we always play fair. We don't cheat during online games. If anyone kills a member of Vigilante Team, or one of their friends, just to take their items, out of hate, or because they've determinded that the member had some kind of handicap (see above rule *) If that does happen, all VT members playing that game may come after that person to kill them to get the members items back (provided its not against the game rules) where as if it is, said offender will promptly be reported to both this website, and that games authorities.