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 Folks, I need to ask. If you or someone you know has bought some software they can no longer use, like:  Macromedia flash creator (or whatever its called) Vue d'Espirit 3 or higher and didn't like the product, or no longer has a use for it, please contact me at:  as I could really use some slightly more useful tools to give the main VT site a bit more kick. Catch is since no one wants to follow the banner ads below I can't buy any of these products since my funds are already rather slim. Also I would perfer that any software be legit.

I'm going to start placing the links for this sites sponsors on this page so you won't have to see them on the other pages. PLEASE atleast click-through on the banner(s) once a month, you wouldn't belive how much that actually helps. I CAN keep track of click-throughs per banner ad. :)

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Well, below are the additions, and updates. The "Turbosquid" link generates the most income for the site since I'm basically selling my own content. Enjoy! :)

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Sites that are free and if you become a free member, they generate a small amount of cash for the Official VT site!

Search & Win

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Sites that require purchases to generate cash for this site.

FREE CD ROM Software

Robo Forge Link

Robo Forge Link 2

3D Cafe

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Sites that are free to click through to and require no purchases, but generate a very very very small amout of cash for the site.

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