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System: Xbox
 Well as you may have guessed, this is a sequel to Sega GT, but my favorite feature is missing. Yep thats right, Carzarria mode is missing, but in its place are well over 100 cars all from real car manufacturers. Yes this time you can drive Hondas, Fords, Lotus, you name it, they're there. The tracks, and your garage seem like they were made for the DC, but the cars are pretty much perfect down to the smallest details, and the physics are A+ and this time around you can wear out parts on your car just through bad driving or over use. There is no driver license restriction on cars this time around which means alot of fun for those of us who get creative ;-)  The replays are to notch and aren't doctored like those in PS2 games, so you'll see a replay that looks pretty real just like the game, camera angles and all. My favorite feature is getting to take pictures during the replay, but sadly you can only choose one to post in your garage. A word of warning though, once you get your class B License the CPU drivers get alot more skilled. How much better can they get you ask, well let me put it this way, before the class B licese they drive as though they have crash test dummies for drivers, once you get class B its worse than going against pros. How to combat that you ask, well thats simple, it may not seem like much, but get the Lotus Espirit (there are three, but one has super stats, get it) go with "bolt on turbo" and once you get all the upgrades you can beat pretty much anything before class B. Some of the tracks are really impressive and quite a site to see, and others seem kinda ordinary, but don't let that get you down since every race is never the same twice. Overall I recommend that any racing enthusiest give this game a whirl. "Try it, you'll like it"  :-)

Overall rating:
 Music:      9  (custom music selection rocks)
 Graphics:  6 (needed better updates seems too DC)
 Sound:      8  (All the SFX you'd expect in a racing game)
 Gameplay: 8  (Its a solid racing game from Sega)