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The best, in my humble opinion...

My favorite PC game isn't actually one game, but three. They are: Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics. Its been awhile since I've played a game on the PC thats as well done as these! The whole Fallout universe basically says "screw the rules" and has some great dialog, and missions. They all look great, and play nicely, but only Tactics has an Editor you can download for making game "mods" and what-not. It gets real gory if you turn the "blood" up all the way, but hey "thats what makes it fun!" It has options for sensoring alot of that out, but in my opinion it would make the game rather boring.

These are a few pics I took during my travels in Fallout Tactics. I'll include more pics from other games I review provided I have any! :P

Fallout Tactics Pic 1

Fallout Tactics Pic 2


Tips and Cheats

Here I'll include any tips that I've learned about.

Last Update on: 1-13-2002