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 Wow, it has been a very, very long time since I've updated this. I'm very, very sorry everybody. With 56k its not easy to get everything done that you need to.  I still can't afford to pay for any more space on this website, so I can't put up alot of pictures here anymore. So far I've used up 12.3mb of the 20mb they give me for free. I have added some new stuff on this site and the others, check it out sometime. Well some of you already know this, but about 2 months ago I lost me E:\ drive. While I was taking it out of the case it fell out due to a couple of loose screws and hit the ground killing it. It doesn't affect the status of the FPS I was creating, but it did eliminate my option for adding custom sounds to the game since they and many other things were stored on the HD. As a sad side note the programs I used to create the 3D images I used to make were also on that HD as well as the custom 3D content I was going to add to the game. I'm currently looking into a service to recover the data from the HD since its so damaged it has to be professionally recovered and thats going to cost alot of cash (think over $500) and I've got nothing to put toward it. If you could donate to this cause I'd appreciate it greatly and any amount will do. If you contribute I'll send anyone who donates $10 or more a free copy of the FPS (chapter 1) when its done as well as a spot in the credits. Donations of $80 or more will receive the first 3 chapters of the FPS (its a series) as well as a spot in the credits. I've included the old newsletter below just for humor value. Also, if you haven't noticed I've started up Vigilante Team in the MMORPG called "Fallen Sword" please click on the link provided in the banner ads. It'll greatly help out the club in the game if you do and sign up at the same time. Its completely free and when you do I'll share the "wealth" that was gained from people who do this.
       Again, if you have any questions just ask. There are links for that in the main menu bar.  :-)