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System: Xbox
 Your a cat, you have the power to control time (for short periods), you have to save a world from destruction. What more could you ask for? Its a pretty amusing premise, and the enemies are kinda easy to beat, atleast till you get to the boss, then its a real pain.My favorite time control is "pause" its also the most used in the game besides rewind. Fact is after about 15 of playing you feel more like "Blinx: the living remote" but thats not to say its not amusing. The graphics have a good amount of detail and are kinda cartoony, but thats not to say this game is meant just for kids, it also seems to have parts that only older people would recognize. The game is basicly what you'd get if you turned a side scrolling platformer into a fully 3D world, it makes for neat enviroments and the enemies have great animations. It does however seem to lack some depth and doesn't command your attention like most of the newer xbox games, but its still pretty fun and I do recommend it.  (ESRB:  E)

Overall rating:
 Music:      7  (custom music selection needed)
 Graphics:  9  (Graphics are great, very cartoony)
 Sound:      7  (Some things don't have sound FX)
 Gameplay: 8  (Its amusing and quite comical)