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Game Title: ShadowBane (Full)
System: PC

System requirements:

Multiplayer min requirements
? Ram
Pentium 3 500 Mhz, AMD Athalon (or higher)
Direct X 8.1 compatible w/ 64mb video card (or higher)
8x CD-rom
Windows 98-ME-XP
?MB free disk space
Windows compatible sound card

Game description and comments: 

Well I can honestly say this is the worst PC game I've EVER played. My time would have been better spent (and more fun) hitting myself in the forehead with a hammer. The graphics look like that of a game from early 1998, it has soooooo many gameplay and graphic problems they should have waited till it was working better to release it, but they didn't (out of greed) There is no balance when it comes to enemies, E.G.: in one area you could have lvl 2 monsters and about 20 feet away have lvl 10 monsters. Most of the people are rude, or antisocial. The system for leveling up is really beyond messed up, E.G.: it takes 6,000 Exp to reach lvl 2 and 12,000 Exp to reach lvl 3, but considering that the average monster thats at a lvl you can defeat only gives about 20-40 Exp total makes it a real pain to play. If you thought this was going to be the next Everquest killer, think again and go do yourself a favor, but Morrowind and pretend that the NPCs are just mindless internet players, and you'll have tons more fun. Also, a footnote, I could've kept this up for an entire page, thats how bad this game was! (it's ESRB rated ?)

Ratings (scale of 1-10):

Graphics: 6
Sound effects and music: 4
Originality: 4
Challenge: 8
Overall: 5