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System: Xbox 360
 I really enjoyed this game, sure alot of websites said it was little kiddy and wasn't fun, but then again they didn't really play it for long and they went into playing it with the thought that it was a kids game so they had already made up their minds. Personally I can say this for sure, yes parts are kiddy, but there are alot of challenges to keep adults busy for hours on end. It can be rather difficult to keep the "sours" and the other pests out of your garden, but after awhile you get the hang of it. Certain things aren't very obvious and will require a bit of thinking/tinkering to figure out. Hey, thats what this game is all about.  Trying to get all the Pinatas in the game can be a real challenge, but rewarding in the end. Atleast you can have a bunch of gardens and they are all sort of tied together in a manner of speaking. Its really helpful because you could never get every Pinata in the game in one single garden. Its a great game, kind of slow at times, and a strange story but its well told. Its really worth a rental but I recommend purchasing it instead. Especially if you enjoy games similar to "Monster Rancher" and "Pokemon" but you don't want the hassle of "leveling up" and battles. Go get a copy.
I'll give you 2 hints.   
To create "medicine" either buy or make some "honey" and have the tinkerer "improve" it.
Have a "Buzzlegum" eat some "medicine" and watch what happens.

Overall rating: 9
 Music:      9
 Graphics:  9.5 (top notch graphics, but the fog could have been put farther out)
 Sound:      9  (All the SFX you'd expect and then some)
 Gameplay: 9  (The controls take some getting used to)
 Difficulty:  7  (Its pretty easy, but can be kind of hard at times)